Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Dream Vision Basketball Travel Program!

Being part of this program will afford you an experience that will build your athletic capacity as well as promote academic excellence, character, and good sportsmanship.

Clayton Williams
Dream Vision Founder Clayton Williams.

Dream Vision prides itself as a program of morality, compassion, and establishment.  A basketball program such as Dream Vision not only focuses on athletic skill and ability, but also focuses on proper health, nutrition, fitness, well-being, and academics.  Academic achievement among our players is the center of our basketball program.  Academic failure is the common factor to many shattered dreams of becoming a legendary college or professional basketball player.

Please believe parental involvement helps to improve and sustain high achievement and outstanding character; therefore, parental involvement is strongly encouraged in the Dream Vision Basketball Program.  Parent volunteers will be needed on a regular basis.  We solicit the expertise of the parents in event planning, coordinating travel arrangements, tutoring and community service projects.

The staff of Dream Vision Youth Foundation and the coaching staff of Dream Vision Basketball are committed to backing the mission and vision of Dream Vision and are committed to our players.  Participation in the Dream Vision’s basketball program will be fun, competitive, and electrifying.


The purpose of Dream Vision Basketball Program is to enhance the basketball skills and abilities in aspiring college and professional basketball players in addition to promoting character-building, academic success and healthy lifestyles.

Through routine practice, health and fitness, training and team group sessions, the players will build the capacity as a team.  Though Dream Vision Basketball is a highly competitive basketball program, the focal point of instruction is sportsmanship and character.  Dream Vision Program creates an environment to optimize any individual and team excellence and fun.

Team Meal
Dream Vision players and coaches enjoy a team meal in South Carolina.


To be eligible to participate in the Dream Vision Basketball Program the following criteria must be met:

8th through 12th grade

2.8 grade point average

At least two years previous basketball experience on a recreation, community or school basketball team.

A positive attitude with the willingness to be coached


All players must maintain a 2.8 grade point average to participate in practice and basketball games.  Players not maintaining a grade point average of 2.8 will be required to participate in weekly academic sessions conducted by the Dream Vision Tutoring Program.  Progress reports and report cards must be submitted immediately following receipt.  Players should notify coaching staff if they are at risk of not meeting academic requirements.  PSAT and SAT prep courses will be offered quarterly.  Players in need are required to attend.


The players and parents are expected to uphold the values and mission of Dream Vision Basketball at all times on and off the basketball court.  The players and parents are expected to treat every player, every parent, and every coach with respect and dignity.  Every player and every parent must encourage good sportsmanship and character by demonstrating positive support of the team and its coaching staff.   Players and parents not upholding the code of ethics of Dream Vision will be released from the program.

All players must refrain from alcohol and drug use.  The use of alcohol and drugs will result in the player being released from the program.  Parents are asked to refrain from such at any and all Dream Vision events.

J'Raan Brooks
J’Raan Brooks finishes off a drive against Team Loaded NC.


Players are expected to attend all practice, academic, and team training sessions. Absences must be approved in advance and followed by a letter written and signed by a parent or guardian.  Outside guests are not permitted to attend practice or training sessions without permission from a coach.


Dream Vision Youth Foundation partners with the national recruitment system.  The partnership affords all participants of the program to be considered for the best colleges throughout the nation.


All players are expected to participate in scheduled community service tasks.  Dream Vision Youth Foundation participates in various community service events in an effort to uplift disadvantaged communities.


Players are expected to be at all practices.  Practice will be held for three (3) days prior to the week of tournament.  Health and fitness training will be held at least two days a week and could be scheduled with one of our trainers.  Academic achievement sessions will be held on a case-by-case basis.  Sportsmanship and character building sessions will be held once a month.  The actual dates and times of these sessions will be provided.


Clayton Williams, President of the Dream Vision Foundation